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São Carlos is located about 240km northwest from São Paulo city and hosts two public universities (one state university and one federal university). It is a relatively calm city (250,000 habitants).

The Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (ICMC-USP) (map) has a very good infra-structure. It is very close to the Praça XV, a central and traditional square of São Carlos around which the visitor will find a nice and affordable network of hotels and restaurants.

Two important observations:
1- Another big event will be held in USP during the same period as EBP, so it is better to book a room as soon as possible.
2- We have pre-booked (until june 30th) some rooms at the Hotel Indaiá Residence (map) with special fees, so do not forget to mention that you will participate to the Brazilian Probability School if you wish to book there.


  • From São Paulo (including from Guarulhos Airport), this link gives detailed informations on how to get to USP-São Carlos.

  • From Viracopos Airport (next to Campinas), the best way is to proceed in two steps: first reach Campinas bus station, and then go to São Carlos bus station:

    From Viracopos Airport to Campinas bus station (Rodoviária de Campinas). We suggest to use Lira Bus (VB transportes). The bus schedules are given at this link (precisely the last 3 tables, entitled "Sentido Rodoviária de Campinas"). The trip takes approximately 40min. To buy the ticket go to the desk at the domestic arrival of the airport (less than R$15). Another possibility is to use the municipal line (Line 193). It is cheaper (less than R$5) but takes more time (50-60min) to reach Campinas bus station, and is less comfortable.

    From Campinas bus station (Rodoviária de Campinas) to São Carlos Bus Station. There are two companies (Cometa and Empresa Cruz) to reach São Carlos, the trip is approximately 2h-2h30 long. We suggest to access the respective websites to make reservations and see the departure times. Currently, the buses of Cometa leave at: 6h30, 9h30, 12h00, 17h30, 22h50, 23h20. The buses of Empresa Cruz leave at: 6h50, 8h00, 10h00, 10h50, 12h50, 14h30, 15h50, 17h00, 17h20, 18h00, 20h30.

  • From Rio de Janeiro bus station to São Carlos bus station, there exists one direct bus operated by Reunidas Paulista. The trip is approximately 10h long, leaving at 19h and arriving next day around 5h in the morning, and costs around R$200.

  • Hotels

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of hotels. All of them have rooms with wi-fi, cable tv, and included breakfast.

  • Hotel Anacã. Around R$170 by night for single (R$180 double) (map).

  • São Carlos Othon Suites. Around R$160 by night for single (R$190 double) (map).

  • Sleep Inn. Around R$140 by night for single (R$170 double) (map).

  • Hotel Indaiá Residence. Around R$140 by night for single (R$170 double) (map).

  • The Hill Residence. Around R$110 by night for single (R$150 double) (map).

  • Restaurants

    Naturally, it is easy to consult this link which gives an exhaustive list of restaurants in São Carlos...)

    Anyway, here is a short list of restaurants, all at walking distance from ICMC (unless stated otherwise!).

  • Mamãe Natureza. Only lunch, by kilo. (map).

  • Curinga restaurante. Only lunch, by kilo, brazilian food, churrasco (barbecue). (map).

  • Frei Damião. Only lunch, by kilo, traditional brazilian food. (map).

  • Sabor oriental. Only lunch, à la carte, oriental food. (map).

  • Cabanha steack house. Lunch and dinner, à la carte, specialized in barbecue. (map).

  • Ya San. Lunch and dinner, à la carte, japanese food. (map).

  • Padaria Guanabara. Traditional brazilian backery particularly popular in São Carlos. Open all day long, serves simples sandwiches. (map).

  • Cantina Barone. Lunch and dinner, à la carte. (map).

  • Kalil. Lunch and dinner, by kilo with some alternatives à la carte, arab cuisine. (map).

  • Café sete. À la carte, lunch and dinner (map).

  • Água doce cachaçaria. Lunch and dinner, by kilo and à la carte, brazilian food. (map).

  • Hamburgueria São Carlos. Only dinner, à la carte, specialized in Burgers. (map).

  • Don Raffaele Pizze & Ristorante. À la carte, only dinner, pizzeria (map).